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Authors of medical communications must adhere to strict publication ethics. Understanding and keeping up to date with the latest publication ethics and standards can seem a daunting task to many authors, even experienced ones. Often this is because information is scattered across different platforms and is presented in lengthy documents that target one or more of the many different parties involved in the publication process (authors, reviewers, journal editors, publishers, funders, etc)

This course presents information — in one place and in easy-to-digest, bite-size chunks — on best publication practices for authors who are writing medical communications.


About This Course

Focus of study

In this course, you’ll learn about the most important publication standards and best practices to follow when writing medical communications. Some of the topics covered include

  • Understanding the latest standards concerning, for example, authorship, conflicts of interest, data sharing, and trial registration and reporting
  • Knowing where to access up-to-date information about publication standards and best practices
  • Citing previous work accurately and paraphrasing published text sufficiently to avoid the various types of plagiarism that constitute research misconduct
  • Understanding how plagiarism detection software works
  • Correctly citing your own published manuscripts for journals that operate a double-blind peer review system
  • Selecting suitable avenues to communicate your research findings by avoiding predatory journals and conferences

Download a Journal Selection Flowchart, Journal Suitability Spreadsheet, and resource sheets for future reference.

This knowledge will help you

  • Avoid delays in publishing your work because of needing to resolve ethics issues before submission
  • Avoid breaches of publication ethics that could potentially harm your credibility and that of your coauthors and institution

Key features

Study at your own pace

Just connect to the internet via any device (ie, a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone) whenever you want to study. All study units are divided into short 10- to 15-minute segments to accommodate your busy schedule. Pause and resume your learning whenever you want; if you stop in the middle of a unit, you can continue from exactly the same place if you resume studying on the same device.

Study what you want, when you want

Study every unit in full or focus on particular areas that you wish to know more about. The Roadmap for each unit lets you see the unit goals and main study points at a glance, and you can move freely among the teaching points as you wish.

Study at your own pace

Each unit in this course contains optional exercises, practice quizzes, and a unit test. Download a certificate of study completion when you pass the unit test to document your learning.

Format of study

  • 5 individual study units
  • Approximately 7 hours of study
  • Optional study unit tests and certificates of completion
  • Downloadable Journal Selection Flowchart, Journal Suitability Spreadsheet, and resource sheets for future reference
  • Optional writing exercise where you can get free personalized feedback from one of our senior editors on whether you are able to paraphrase sufficiently to avoid plagiarism of text
  • 3 months’ access to all course materials

This writing course contains:

  • Tips, cautions, and other information on the latest best publication practices and standards that authors should know

  • Detailed examples, self-check quizzes, and tests using real medical English

  • Resources to download for future use: Journal Selection Flowchart, Journal Suitability Spreadsheet, and example sentences



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For individuals

Price: 9,500 JPY (10% consumption tax to be added for residents of Japan)

Duration of access: 3 months

For groups and institutions

We’re pleased to offer substantial discounts to groups and institutions who want to build their staff’s confidence and proficiency in writing medical communications. Group pricing starts from 3 learners.